“House Divided” is an original unscripted web series for FullScreen hailed as “The Real World with Politics.” Leading up to the 2016 election, seven politically-minded millennials lived in a house together in Washington D.C. for one month. The cast members included democrat, republican, and undecided voters who engaged in lively debate and the political process as each episode tackled a different social issue.

Jessica was lead editor for “House Divided” episodes that focused on climate change and LGBTQ rights.


Alex introduces his transgender boyfriend Josh to his housemates for the first time.

The housemates attend a the Disarm Hate rally in support of LGBTQ+ rights and gun control reform.

After meeting a climate change activist, the cast debate global warming and Alyssa confesses she doesn’t believe it’s real.

The cast go to Capitol Hill to talk to a Senator as well as people on the street about climate change.