Man Shot Dead – feature documentary

“Using old photographs, written documents, home-video footage, and even sound effects in the chilling sequence in which we’re told, according to the police report, what happened that fateful night, the film’s editing, by Jessica Schilling, is top-notch and makes the film even more captivating.” – Review of Man Shot Dead


A steamy night in Houston, Texas, July 1966. Georgetta Carpenter, a 17-year-old driving home alone, pulls to a stop behind a car driven by a man she’s never met. It is shortly after 10 pm.  Within an hour the man, a 35-year-old father-of-three named Glen Wade Dickson, is dead, shot in the chest at point-blank range by Georgetta’s father, Marvin Earl Carpenter.

In MAN SHOT DEAD, filmmaker Taylor Feltner takes us back to that haunting night, tracing Glen’s steps in an effort to understand the homicide that has shaped his family for two generations. What begins as a simple question—how did Grandpa Glen die?—becomes a meditation on living with the dark shadow of truths we may never be able to fully grasp. Part detective story, part family portrait, the film fuses archival footage, intimate interviews, and rich-hued tones of the rural South into a moving meditation on surviving loss.

To watch this feature documentary in its entirety, please contact Jessica. This film was edited on Final Cut Pro 7.